Writing Workshops

Are you sick of being your industry’s best kept secret?

Writing and publishing a book on your experience, expertise, shortcuts to save your clients time or money, industry insights, or simply mindset secrets for success has been proven to raise your profile, position yourself to stand out from your competitors and win more business.
However, if it was easy, why wouldn’t every business owner write a book?

This is why…

  • How and where do you position your book within your business?
  • How do you pull your thoughts together and know exactly what to write to attract your next client or opportunity?
  • How do you structure your content and chapters?
  • What’s the key to provide valuable and succinct content without rambling on?
  • How do you navigate the publishing industry and guarantee a high-quality book? and most importantly,
  • Who will show you how to market and leverage your profile and business via your new ‘business card on steroids’?

Most people I meet all around the world have an ingrained belief that writing a book is an insurmountable task that is only for those with a literary degree, not a coach, consultant, practitioner, speaker, healer or entrepreneur… and up until recently, it was!

That is why I designed my Blueprint for Ultimate Book Writing Success seminar that is able to be attended now by anyone in Australasia, America and Canada.

In just 3.5 hrs, you will walk away with crystal clear clarity on the exact steps you need to take, with all the path laid out in front of you to write, publish and leverage your first book to dominate your industry and set your business on a path of exponential growth.

1000’s of business owners world wide have attended this business and life changing workshop and hundreds have gone on to become published authors and fulfil their ‘legacy project’

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