Flow Leadership

Author: Katalin Howell

Beyond Stormy Weather

Author: Christine Judd

Career After Covid

Author: Fleur Hull

Sink or Swim

Author: Amy Williams

Finding Fabulous Over 60

Author:  Lesley Thomas

No Full Stops

Author: Louise James 

Harmony for Couples

Author: Joyce Khoo


Author: Elise Scheck Bonwitt

The Ultimate Birth Experience

Author: Gail Janicola

Don’t be Afraid of the Dark

Author: Sharon Yardley

Life Worth Living 

Author:  Luba Sakharuk

From Wife to Widow

Author: Suzanne Gomes 

$100000 Your First Year in Real Estate Guaranteed

Author: Al Carioti

Living By Faith

Author: Dr Amanda Nickson

Finding Strength in the Dark 

Author: Annette Pearson

Reclaim Your Life

Author: Dr. Fai Seyed Aghamiri

Holiday Dreaming

Author: Rebecca Mason

The Modern Oracle

Author: Katy-K 

Level Up

Author: Karolina Carrera

Face of Faith

Author: Shelley Maree Hunter

The Last 1% 

Author: Trevor Farmer and Juliane Cowan

The Art of Intentional Living

Author: Maurice Harvey-Hall

How to Prosper as a Property Investor

Author: Olivia Terziovski

When Winning Matters

Author: Rob Beveridge and Stephen P. Bird

Dear Baby

Author: Tani Leeper with John Leeper


Author: Trudy Vains

The Beauty in Bereavement

Author: Jasmin Hill

Life Plugged In

Author: Jay Wright

Big Little Business

Author: Jayne Arlett

Collateral Damage

Author: Lisa Mahoney

ChemoTherapy Troopers

Author: Joy Petrie

Finding Your Way

Author: Louisa Sgarbossa 

Hiding From Myself

Author: Amber Rose Washington

Oh Sh!t I Have Cancer!

Author: Sabrina Rojas

Why Being Good Can Be Bad For You

Author: Kate Whitteveen

Conquer Your Inner Demons

Author: Craig Marchant

Beyond Possible

Author: Jennifer Emmett

The Inside Secrets to Building and Timber Pest Inspections

Author: Stuart Marsay 

The World Is Your Pearl

Author: Glenda Wise

Unleash Your Inner Goddess

Author: Christine Rizzo

I Ruined My Life… Or So They Said

Author: Dr. Anne Butcher

Invisible to Invincible 

Author: Francesca Moi

The Girl Behind The Mask

Author: Alysia Kaiser

Make Money Your B!tch

Author: Amber Parr & Katherine Hayes 

Retirement Ready

Author: Helen Williams

The Profitable Practitioner

Author: Leah Smith

Practical Reconciliation

Author: Munya Andrews & Carla Rogers

You’re Getting Divorced… Now What?

Author: Sandra M. Radna Esq. 

Broken to Unbreakable

Author: Krissy Regan

Adult Gap Year

Author: Jenny Cook 

King of The Cape

Author: Roy Kunda

Roam Alone

Author: Amber Blake

Shock to Shock and the Space In Between

Author: Marita Albert

In the Grandstands

Author: Dr. Jo Lukins

High Heels to High Vis

Author: Jody Sainsbury

The Unexpected Journey

Author: Julie Fisher 

Living with Half a Heart

Author: Libby Andrews

Speaking – It’s Not Worse Than Death

Author: Kaylene Ledgar

BStyled for Life

Author: Moana Robinson

Your Last Self-Help Book 

Author: Glynis Taylor

Balanced Babes

Author: Stacey Foat

The Lotus Effect

Author: Kylie Chapman 

Still Standing

Author: Denny Meek

The Control Centre

Author: Simon Gilmore

Survive and Thrive

Author: Lydia Gah

Empowered Eating 

Author: Kim Stevenson Farmakis

Onion Girl

Author: Vivienne Mason

Big Hand Little Hand

Author: Trish Carpenter

The How of Hope

Author: Rebecca Cragnolini

The PNG Dream

Author: Marleen Akop


Author: Michelle Sleight


Author: Zelda Marsh

RightSize Your Life

Author: Milli Balmer

Breaking Free

Author: Azita Abdollahian


Author: Melanie O’Shea

The 7 Effect

Author: Amy Slattery and Jodie Nevid

The Elite

Author: Dr Jo Lukins

The Journey of You 

Author: Dr. Rebecca Jackson

Prepping for School Success

Author: Julie Dore

Roller Coaster Life

Author: Lisa Hilliard

From F.A.T to Fierce

Author: Nats Levi

Help Yourself

Author: Dr Lillian Gonzalez

Stress SOULutions

Author: Niomi Reardon

Love Your Pain 

Author: Sarita Saltmarsh

Blended our Way

Author: Sabina Read

Keep Sane and Parent On

Author: Dr. Sarah Purvey

The Soulful Stripper

Author: Mercedes Michaels

The Body Connection

Author: Suzanna Hammond

It’s Not Your Fault Mum

Author: Shelly Ashworth

Good Vibes Now 

Author: Jules Holden

Our Feature Authors Of The Month

Simply Organized

Author: Amy Revell

“I was part of the Ultimate 48 Hour Author program in 2016 and it was the tipping point for me in expanding my business and becoming known as the expert in my industry.

Over the last 18 months, I’ve developed profitable partnerships with Ikea, Virgin Australia, Houzz and appeared on TV for Channel 9 (A Current Affair), Channel 7 (Morning Sunrise) as well as interviewed on radio and in the newspaper.

I’ve also launched the popular podcast, The Art of Decluttering which has reached #7 on the Australian iTunes Charts and had over 300,000 downloads in just 10 months.

The confidence, credibility and expert status available from publishing a book in your area of expertise will take your business to the next level of success. An investment that has had, and continues to have, a huge return for me in my business.”

Turbo Charged

Author: Rachael Sheldrick

“I completed the Ultimate 48 Hour Author program two years ago. In the first 12 months I generated $27,000 in book sales, $50,000 in paid speaking gigs and sold 70 of my $3,200 online courses all due to my book related activities.

I actually finished my book in 24 hours and had it in my hands back from the publisher in 56 days.

Now into the 2nd year since I published my book the results have compounded and I am getting even bigger traction on the International Stage and am being approached by industry leaders to speak all around the world.

I followed the system, took action and am reaping the rewards and even though I saw the value the program presented me with, I never imagined the opportunities that would come my way from writing my first book ‘Turbo Charged’”– Rachel Sheldrick  ‘The Workshop Whisperer’

Some More of Our Published Ultimate 48 Hour Authors

To Cancer With Love

Author: Taryn Claire Le Nu

Unbreakable Relationships

Author: Natalie Turney


Author: Tony Borello

Good Grief

Author: Dean Aitken

The Boot Camp Blueprint

Author: Jonathan Petrohilos and Travis Matthern

Grace, Grit, Guts

Author: Tracy O’Malley

Fearless Fempreneur

Author: Sarah Cross

Today’s Profits Tomorrow’s Freedom

Author: Rita Zapulla

The Lonely Flipflop

Author: Pooja Mittra

Game Changer

Author: Renee Hasseldine

Weighed Down

Author: Nilam Shah

Beat The Odds

Author: Mona Alhebsi

The Connection Phenomenon

Author: Mattias Jackel

Live Deliciously

Author: Kay Joosub

Dare to be Happy

Author: Hoda Elsobky

The Game of Change

Author: Geeta Ramakrishnan

Mumma is Gunna Take You to the Circus

Author: Ameera Almousa

The Road Less Travelled

Author: Abdul Nassar


Author: Gillian Statham

Rise Up

Author: Diane Mckendrick

The Energy Solution

Author: Teresa Bradley

The Power of Interactive Care

Author: Julienne Verhagen

The River of Life

Author: Christine Convery

Resilience – Memoir of a Broken Little Girl

Author: Toni Lontis

Crappy vs Happy

Author: Chrissy Chrissy

Feel Good Now

Author: Katarina Roukakis

Shift Energy

Author: Shelly Ashworth

From 2 Ways

Author: Rita Ronson

Brave Again

Author: Annie Huang

Brush Strokes

Author: Pamela Burchill

The Alphabet Principle

Author: Tarran Deane

Mother Lover Woman Warrior

Author: Kiley Baker

Follow Me

Author: Francesca Moi

What the F*#K is The Cloud

Author: James Bomford

Tendering for Tradies

Author: Chris Dennis

The Kefi Effect

Author: Irini Kallis

Juggling Health and Wealth

Author: Kitty Cheng

She Monk

Author: Sally Thurley


Author: Wael Ibrahim

Stories That Sell

Author: Jo Johnson


Author: Kerryn Gamble

It’s All About Love

Author: Alicia Bickett

Complete Money freedom

Author: Glenda Nicholls

Red Carpet Experience

Author: Helen Gerisamou

Stop and Reset

Author: Funmi Omidiora

Health Dymamics

Author: Christiane Vee

Angels of the Future

Author: Veronica Psaila

Urban Women Syndrome

Author: Dr Debra Villar

The Travel Pro

Author: Maria Rampa

Ready Aim Fire

Author: Penny Paxman

Step Up

Author: Kathryn Jones

Survival Parenting

Author: Sarah Bernard

The Foodie Pharmacist

Author: Geraldine Dartnell

Love Vs Lust

Author: Cass Jardine

Broken Heart Cure

Author: Zoe Qian

Kristie Dean

Author: I am Now

Walking Back Home

Author: Margaret Caffyn

Your Forever Home

Author: Frances Cosway

Trapped in Your Body

Author: Kimberley Maxey

The Unlikley Marathoner

Author: Donna Campisi

Beyond The School Gate

Author: Michelle Kuklinski

Everything is Better in Your PJ’s

Author: Tracey Hunt

Your Leverage to Wealth

Author: Kit Wong

The Wolf in a Suit

Author: Anita Bentata

Grow Profit Exit

Author: Katrina Aarsman

Holy Cow!

Author: Greg Dennis

The ‘C’ Word

Author: Suzanne Day

Fix My Sleep

Author: Svetlana Williams

Key to Freedom

Author: Dr Natalie Green

Culture 101

Author: Penny Nesbitt

Conversations With Paul

Author: Michelle Bourke

Frozen Families

Author: Amanda Akers

Mindset Dominance

Author: Helen Mitas

Honeymoon Forever

Author: Jane Nguyen

Beyond The School Yard

Author: Debbi Rossi

Teach Love Life

Author: Patti Glasgow

Journey To Self

Author: Kath Essing

Compelling Selling

Author: Kleo Merrick

Free Time

Author: Russell Scott

Secret Spiritual Business

Author: Anthony Kilner

Adventure Of A Ballons Girl

Author: Despina Karatzias

I’M In Business..Now What

Author: Debbie Severiny

Why Men Made Me Fat

Author: Alana Carpenter

Back to Life

Author: Brian Ressureccion

Alchemy of The Mind

Author: Vanita Dahia

The Bernard Method

Author: James Bernard

Be Yourself

Author: Maurissa Aillion

After the Shock

Author: Karen Singery

The 7 Figure Practice

Author: Gerda Muller

The Jelly Bean Jar

Author: Tanya Somerton

Cycle of Life

Author: Carol Cooke

Mind Your Time

Author: Lorraine Pirihi

Turbo Charged

Author: Rachael Sheldrick

Boobs Bras and Beyond

Author: Julie White

Be Self Centered

Author: Elizabeth Roebuck-Junes

Ditch The Ladder

Author: Samantha Chambers

The Art of Diversity

Author: Najla Turk

Abundant Motherhood

Author: Yolanda Alvares

Touched by Love

Author: Luciane Sperling

Love Truth Beauty

Author: Wendy Exton

Your Salon Success

Author: Megan Wright

What Women Really Want

Author: Mell Balment


Author: Eleanor Hannah

At the Risk of Sounding Crazy

Author: Chrsitina Fletcher

Business Tribes

Author: Tony Park

Healing My Divine Self

Author: Nancylita Waye

Simply Organised

Author: Amy Revell

Operations Genie

Author: Helen Mcintosh

From Drab To Fab

Author: Di Mason

Escape The Rental Trap

Author: Tim Boyle

The Controlled Streght Method

Author: Shimi Nadaraja

Not Just Imyjen’s Mother

Author: Christine Stow

The Undercover Mission

Author: Laurence Sergovich

Success On Purpose

Author: Melonie Taylor

A Healthy Lifestyle in Your Golden Years

Author: Elaine Squires

Travelling Back Home

Author: Andrea Donaldson

The Freedom Switch

Author: Trevor Banerjee

From Misery to Mastery

Author: Ruth Stuttegen

The Year I Owned a Wine Shop

Author: Ailsa Page

Stuck in a Rut

Author: Fiona Craig

The Bubble is Born

Author: Maxine Spencer

Bursting the Bubble

Author: Maxine Spencer

Self Compassionate Motherhood

Author: Cindy Cranswick

From Conquering Crones

Author: Tasha Rees

I Just Want a Friend

Author: Jackie Lagatta

Get the Monkeys Off Your Back

Author: Daniel Merza