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Introducing Ultimate World Publishing – the Publishing Company that wants nothing more but to help you get your book in your hands with full control of everything.


We promise you will:
  • Get your print-ready files
  • Be able to order when and how much you want of your book as it will be on your own print on demand account
  • You won’t be sold expensive marketing done-for-you packages (we don’t offer that)
  • Get this done Super Fast (after all we run Ultimate 48 Hour Author)
  • One dedicated team member during your book publishing project
  • You get to keep all your profits and royalties as we want to set you free after we help you with your book
  • Get access to our amazing secret community of over 450 authors so far

Quoting on Book Publishing is difficult without a conversation. Variables such as the size of the book, style of paper, color, images, product finish vary this significantly from book to book.

Our Ultimate Publishing Package includes the following as standard

  • ISBN numbers for both your Book and E-Book
  • Copyediting
  • Proofing of your book by your Editor Post Internal Layout
  • Professional Cover Design Print Ready
  • Full Internal Layout of up to 15 Images included
  • E-book conversion of Your Book
  • Amazon Upload of Your Book
  • Print on Demand upload and set up via Ingramspark
  • One Proof Print copy of Your Book
  • One lot of Revised files re-uploaded to Ingramspark upon reviewing your book
  • Australian National and State Library Deposit of Your Book

Call us for a 10-minute chat on 1300 664 006 or fill out the inquiry form below so we can determine what your vision is for your book so we are able to quote accordingly on your customized package so you get the book that is the perfect reflection of your style, brand, and personality.

Hear What Some of Our Recently Published Authors Have to Say


I never thought I would have it in me to write a book until I had a very good reason to do so.  The enormity of the task when it came to writing and then publishing my book was not something I could imagine tackling alone.

I didn’t know where to start and that challenge would have been the major stumbling block to my success. I was so fortunate to come across Ultimate 48 Hour Author and their associated publishing company – Ultimate World Publishing.

The coaching I received kept me on track and provided me with structure, timelines, and guidance. In terms of publishing, I was provided with amazing editors, graphic designers and printing options to get the final product into my hands and then distributed worldwide.

Throughout the entire journey, I was assured complete freedom to write the book as I needed to and given the support and advice critical to publishing and even leveraging the book towards greater opportunities.

I highly recommend new authors to Ultimate World Publishing if you are invested in self-publishing and achieving the goal of holding your book in your hands. It’s a great feeling!

Trish Carpenter

Simon Gillmore 2D

If your looking to publish a book you need look no further.  These guys are the consummate professionals when it comes to writing, packaging, and publishing a book. I’m not educated so I was a little nervous going in (can I really do this.) And throughout the whole process, I felt incredibly supported.  From getting my ideas clear and in order so the book structure was right from the outset – right through to always reminding me I was solving a problem.

Natasa has both an extremely savvy business mind for what can be further done with your book,  but it’s also very down to earth and available. And Stuart is a copywriting master – ensuring everything is targeted and well-directed.

These two really helped me find my voice, to trust the process as it unfolded, and remind me that my message mattered.  If I had come this far,  it needs and deserves to be heard.  And the rest of the team are extremely professional and always on hand to help with any other kind of glitches- brain fog to tech stuff.

This is more than writing a book – it’s a transformational journey with experienced navigators.  I can’t believe how my book looks – editing was a breeze – layout guy amazed me and the cover is stunning.  Recommend this journey to anyone who thinks they’ve got a message to share.  I can’t believe I’m an author.

Simon Gilmore


I cannot speak highly enough of Ultimate World Publishing. I had been following Natasa Denman on social media for several years as I knew of authors who had written and published with her.

I had researched other self-publishing options however went with Ultimate World Publishing because of their immense knowledge, approachability, and sense I could trust them with every step along the way. I believed I would get honest feedback, it would look professional and I’d learn how to use the book to promote my Healthy Minds business.

I had already written my manuscript however it required work to be ready for publishing.  If I had attempted to go through each step myself I know it would have cost me more money, it would have been very stressful, wouldn’t be as professional looking and probably still wouldn’t be published.

A turning point for me was having a brainstorming session on the chapter titles. It was such a relief to have titles I loved and was the start of having a book I was proud of and I knew would help people.

I am extremely grateful to have my book, The How of Hope: One family’s story of overcoming mental illness. I love getting feedback on how it’s helping people and it has boosted our business. Big thanks Ultimate World Publishing.

Rebecca Cragnolini

Dunkard Hollow

Thanks to you and Ultimate World Publishing for helping me to publish my first book entitled, Dunkard Hollow.

What I really liked about working with you, Natasa, is that you took me step-by-step through the publishing process. I liked especially how the turnaround was within 24 hours.

My first telephone conversation with you was in September 2018, and I finished the published book in December 2018 (3 months).  You made this happen!

Anytime I had questions about the process, you immediately responded, via email, with an answer.

Many times, you sent a diagram to explain the process in detail.

How did you know I was a visual learner?

I really appreciated the excellent communication we had during the publishing process.

Even though we were in different time zones (Australia and the United States), we continued to communicate on a regular basis.

I appreciate you and the time you spent in helping me to accomplish my goal.

Wilma Ferguson


I am so happy to recommend the services of Ultimate World Publishing to anyone looking into the wonderful process of self-publishing their book. As a novice author, I knew that self-publishing was the route for me.

It gave me control over what I wanted to write, how I wanted to write,  and how I wanted my book to look.

The team at Ultimate World Publishing held my hand, through the whole process and ensured that all my questions were answered,  providing expert advice each step of the way.

Natasa guided me through the process carefully, professionally and with a minimum of fuss, always available to sort out any of the tricky issues I was met with on my journey.

It made the daunting experience of self-publishing an enriching and educational one for me.

I am so happy with the book I have produced with Ultimate World Publishing.

So, if you are an author looking to turn your manuscript into a book you are proud of and self -publish, then Ultimate World Publishing is the only way to go.

Toni Lontis


I was fortunate to attend their event in Wollongong in 2018. I was blown away by Natasa’s vivacious personality and business acumen.

Natasa has tapped into a common dream of many people to write a book and has created a do-able, practical and successful system that helps people like myself achieve their dreams.

As she spoke, I knew that I had to go with her. I turned to my partner and said, “I need to do this.”

I am so glad that I chose Ultimate World Publishing to publish my book on Aboriginal Dreamtime.

I have had one book published before but nowhere with the confidence and support of their team.

Their steady mentorship throughout the writing and publishing experience is next to none. They helped me realize a long-held dream and I firmly believe they can do the same for you.

The whole experience has stirred something deep within my soul for no sooner had I finished the manuscript, I immediately began writing my second book Dreamtime Values to Live By which I have just completed which will also be published by Ultimate World Publishing this year.

Munya Andrews


I met Natasa and Stu Denman and the team at 48hour Author in February 2018 when I attended the 1/2 Day Workshop I saw advertised and suddenly that lofty dream of authoring a book became a graspable goal. I left after just 4 hours knowing exactly the next steps to get my book in hand!

Nat & Stu are absolute masters at coaching you through from concept to completion. You get step by step coaching, resources, and guidance all the way through. If you follow the steps, YOU WILL write and publish that book!

I attended the 48-hour retreat in August 2019 and had my first draft within the week. My finished book in hand 12 weeks later and available on Amazon, Book Depository, and all online bookstores!

If you want friendly, fun, productive, and knowledgeable support coupled with a great publishing package the 48 Hour comes with my highest recommendation.

Abundant advice beyond book writing and membership of their 48-hour mastermind author group has been the icing on the cake! I have learned so much, not just about book writing but all aspects of small business and myself too!

Thanks, Nat, Stu, Viv, Lendy and all the 48hr team!

Dr. Rebecca Jackson 

front (2)

If you are wanting to publish a book, I highly recommend Natasa Denman and the entire 48 Hour Author team.

The process is really simple to follow, there are numerous checks along the way to ensure no mistakes are carried forward to publishing/printing, and the team is always super helpful.

It was much easier than I thought it was going to be!!!

I am now a published author and cant wait to see what good my book will bring to the world!

Kylie Chapman 


I have always dreamed of becoming an author one day and to write success and motivational books. Nature somehow connected my dream and desire to Natasa and Stuart Denman and the Ultimate 48 Hour Author team. I was thrilled at how I could be guided and assisted by the team through an easy-to-follow process or system in order to have my book published in no time.

The leadership and business acumen of Natasa were contagious that I was inspired to start on my manuscript right away. Through the guidance, experience, and special skill of Stuart, I turned my boring title and Tagline into catchy ones let alone making the contents of my book come alive and engaging.

The commitment and dedication of Natasa and her team during the course of writing my book were excellent and highly commendable. They ensured I kept to my schedules and deadlines. They ensured my work was thoroughly checked.

My book was published in March 2020. I am now an author of the “The PNG Dream”.  It will take my whole life to be grateful to Natasa and her team for turning my dream into a reality. For my many more books yet to be published in the future, Ultimate 48 Hour Author is the place to go.

Marleen Akop

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