• Ultimate 48 Hour Author

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    • Have you been sitting on a book idea for many years?
    • Are others telling you that you should write a book?
    • Would you like to do it quickly, easily and most importantly make money from it?

    This book has the answers for you. It is the proven system that will take you step-by-step through the process of navigating your structure, content and all those infinite details needed to publish.

  • SHUT UP and Write Your First Book

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    Have you been told time and time again that you should write a book?

    Is fear and procrastination preventing you from achieving your life’s goal?

    Are you ready to finally smash your excuses and write and publish your first book?

  • The Ultimate First Time Author Planner

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    The Ultimate Guide for any First-Time Author – Everything you need to know to Write and Publish Your First Book – Available in Pink or Black

  • Professionally Recorded Workshop Footage

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    Over 3 Hrs of Professionally Recorded Footage of the Blueprint for Ultimate Business Success Workshop

  • Ultimate 48 Hour Author Blueprint Online Portal

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    The Ultimate 48 Hour Author Online Portal is a fully ONLINE Do It Yourself (DIY) program that combines the Ultimate 48 Hour Blueprint as well as everything you need to complete your first book.

    It has been fully customised to include not only the U48A Online Course, but 4 other super valuable resources all included to help you reach completion and keep you supported along the way.

  • 2020 Ultimate Success Planner

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    2020 Ultimate Success Planner – Available in Flirty Pink and Stylish Black

  • Fully Booked Retreats

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    • Are You Exhausted from Working One-on-One?
    • Do You Wish to Scale your Business Through retreats Bur are Scared that you won’t Get Bums on Seats?
    • How Would You Fell Knowing Your Have Changed Someone’s Life?

    Retreats are the ultimate experience for a client.  They are often a defining moment in a persons life. For a retreat leader, they are one of the most rewarding programs you can run. Most will quit as they will fail to build a system of consistently filling them and promoting them.

  • Natasa Denman Reveals 1000 Days

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    Did you know…

    – Less than 1% of coaches ever earn six figures from their businesses

    – 95% of coaches will spend more on their education than they will ever earn from their businesses

    – 9/10 will quit within 9 months of starting their business!

  • Guilt Free Parents

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    What the hell did you do before you had children? What did you spend all your time on? Do you remember time when you only had to worry about yourself? Don’t worry, neither can we.

  • Ninja Couch Marketing

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    • Marketing your Business from the Couch?Is it really possible?

    With over 10 years of combined experience working from home, Donna Brown and Natasa Denman are experts at marketing from the couch and working in their PJ’s. They love the flexibility that working from home gives them and now they want to share their secrets with you.

  • Bums on Seats

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    • Are you sick of working one on one and want to leverage you time via events?
    • Is your biggest fear around running events ‘Will anyone show up?’
    • Are you ready to step up and reach a wider audience that needs to hear your message?
  • The Unlikely Grand Final

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    It is every Aussie kid’s dream to kick a goal after the siren to win their team the match.

    But imagine actually getting the chance to win the AFL grand final off your own boot.

    When disaster strikes the Essendon Football Club on the biggest day of the year, three unlikely heroes take centre stage in the most remarkable of ways.