Our Author Retreat is the pinnacle of our Ultimate 48 Hour Author experience.  48 Hours, luxurious surroundings and a once in a lifetime experience that guarantees you to become that published author you always wanted to be.

The difference that makes the difference.  This Weekend retreat is designed to remove you from your everyday life away from distractions and interruptions.  You get 80% of your book tasks done while the other 20% happens before and after the weekend.

There are other institutions/schools/individuals doing an amazing job teaching people how to write books.  Their systems are outstanding and only if you followed the steps you would be successful.

The harsh reality is that only 3% of people that attend those courses ever become a published author. Our point of difference is that we provide a package that includes all the mentoring, content structure, editing, layout, publishing, 300 copies of your book, Amazon upload and eBook, pre-launch and marketing guidance, and group support in private, author only groups.

If you invest in this package it guarantees you will get to hold your book in your hand from the beginning as we work with you until you are a published author just like over 450 other people just like you.

Writing and publishing a book has never been easier with our Ultimate 48 Hour Author Blueprint, however, the Ultimate 48 Hour Author weekend is not for everyone.  The style and structure that we use to make this happen is unique and only suited to those that qualify after a 30 Minute Strategy Session as we only work with coachable and passionate people.

We are interested in a 100% success rate with our participants and that is why we are very specific in the selection process as each author becomes a big part of our lives until they are successful in launching their book to market.

It is a complete end to end program with all mentoring, writing retreat, publishing, and ongoing Master Class Support to give you accelerated results.

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Due to our continued expansion into the USA and Northern Hemisphere, as well as needing to fill a gap in the market for those that are not able to attend a Live Retreat, Ultimate 48 Hour Author now has the option of a Virtual Retreat.

Delivered in the same format, over a weekend just like the Live Retreats, the Virtual Retreat gives attendees the best possible experience from the comfort of their own home.

With the content delivered via Zoom, dedicated breakout rooms for technology, mentoring, and mindset support, you will feel as though you are there at an in-person event.

The team had delivered this retreat twice in 2020 due to COVID-19 restrictions on Live events and the attendee feedback has proven its place in the market.

Virtual Retreats are able to be offered at a reduced rate with many of the costs of a Live Retreat not being included such as the accommodation, meals, transport, etc etc.

The Next Virtual Retreat dates are:

August 7th-9th 2020 – Australia and New Zealand

August 21st-23rd 2020 USA and Canada


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