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Leave Your Legacy

There is no greater thing we can leave on this earth than our legacy. It takes all kinds from the great leaders and influencers of our time to those people that were able to navigate through life and have a story to share.

Although many of our authors come to us wanting to write a book to build their profile and credibility within their industry, what lies beneath all of that is a need to first fully heal themselves and understand their past before they in turn help others.

The entire process that we teach our authors takes them on a journey of discovery and self-realisation and creates a new found appreciation of just how special and unique they truly are.

We take them deeper into areas that they need to go and the stories they share, with their heart open, this brings contentment and calm to every part of their being.

Throughout the journey of completing their book, our authors start to become more certain, more confident and grow as a person to a level where their initial fears and doubts of whether they ‘had it in them’ simply vanish into thin air.

This is where the magic truly happens and the transformation takes place: a place that ignites their inner fire so brightly they become compelled to share their message on a larger scale.

Many of them no longer think local when their book can reach people on a global scale.

As one of the attendees shared at our 18th Ultimate 48 Hour Author Retreat recently, it just takes on person willing to make a difference to start a revolution of change.

Now, I know not every personal story is a healing tool but many of our authors have faced challenges and experiences throughout their lives that they want to share

Not every author has experienced pain yet if you have had a challenging past, a time that tested your limits and exposed your human frailties, this is what I recommend.

Be brave, pick up a pen and a notepad, or open a Word doc on your laptop or invest in our shortcuts that will help you get the structure to your story, a great timeline template and everything you need to have your story told and your legacy left for your family, friends and in some cases, the world.

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