Online Portal

Online Portal

The Ultimate 48 Hour Author Online Portal is a fully ONLINE Do It Yourself (DIY) program that combines the Ultimate 48 Hour Blueprint as well as everything you need to complete your first book.

It has been fully customised to include not only the U48A Online Course, but 4 other super valuable resources all included to help you reach completion and keep you supported along the way.

We have had authors in 6 different countries write and publish their books using this Online Portal as they utilised the various inclusions to maximise their results in the shortest possible time.

Like all ONLINE programs, the onus is on you to work through the provided content and make a commitment to completion, not just buying this and putting it on the shelf (or more likely having it on your computer).

If writing your book is important to you and you are unable to join our signature all- inclusive Ultimate 48 Hour Author Retreat program, our ONLINE portal is a great place to start as you can always upgrade into our retreat program within 12 months of commencing this program.

There are five key components that make up the sum of the Online Portal.

  • Ultimate 48 Hour Author Online Course
  • Bums on Seats Online Course
  • Access to the Full Training Footage of seminars Natasa Denman has run
  • 12-months Inner Circle Membership
  • Access to Exclusive Members Only Author Facebook Community