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Writing your first book can be challenging and without the right tools, a total minefield that needs to be navigated with caution.

• Will the book look professionally produced and published?
• Will the editing and layout match your brand and vision?
• Will the content be valuable?
• What action will the reader take after consuming your content?
• Will you have the correct seeding throughout the book?
• Will you end up with your book in the hands of those that need it, or will you end up with a garage full of books?

At Ultimate 48 Hour Author, we have dedicated our lives to helping as many people as we can write and published their first book in the quickest way possible with the best result imaginable.

Our record speaks for itself and with almost 550 coaches, speakers, practitioners, business owners, and entrepreneurs as clients from all corners of the globe, we are the first choice for those passionate about sharing their message on a global scale.

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