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Writing a Book is Good for Business

With more than 70% of our clients writing a book to share their experience, expertise or shortcuts, they are investing in their new ‘business card on steroids’

In this world where perception is reality, business can be won or lost on how credible you appear and how much expertise you are perceived to have.

While a strong Social Media presence, flashy website and client testimonials are great, nothing screams EXPERT louder than being a PUBLISHED AUTHOR.

Here are just some of the benefits to a business owner in becoming a published author

  1. Immediate increase in credibility
  2. More appeal to potential clients
  3. Ability to reach a global market
  4. Increased ability to gain speaking gigs
  5. An instant appeal to the media

You very quickly become an industry leader and authority figure for your peers as your profile and visibility skyrocket.  Your referrals will increase drastically when your raving fans have the opportunity to give a potential client a copy of your book.

It really is the best marketing and promotional activity you can invest in for an almost immediate return.

We have helped coaches, speakers, mortgage brokers, chiropractors, dentists, lawyers, psychologists, nurses and many more expand their reach, grow their client lists and, on many occasions, move to a one to many business model.

The Ultimate 48 Hour Author Blueprint is used to its full potential with marketing and social media

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